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Our service ambitions

We want to provide a high standard of service. We will promote equality for everyone, and will deal with you in a way that is fair, objective, and transparent.

We want to get things right first time, and we are always looking for better ways of working.

Service delivery standards

We aim to:

  • answer 90% of telephone calls within 10 seconds
  • attend to you within 5 minutes of your arrival at reception
  • provide a full response to emails and letters within 5 working days of receipt

Courtesy and politeness

Our staff will:

  • introduce themselves
  • listen and respond to you
  • be respectful, polite and helpful 

Working together

To help us provide the best service, you can:

  • provide any information we require on time and make sure it is accurate
  • let us know if we have made a mistake and something needs correcting
  • provide us with suggestions and comments about our service to help us to continually improve 

Our expectations of you

As we will always aim to do our best to help you, we expect all those who deal with us to be polite and courteous. Callers who are rude, abusive, or threatening will not be tolerated, and we retain the right to refuse service to such people.

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