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The Investigations Oversight Committee (the IOC) is responsible for:

  • keeping  under review the processes by which allegations of unacceptable professional conduct and serious professional incompetence against architects are investigated under sections 14(1) and (2) of the Architects Act 1997 (the Act); and
  • assisting the Board in discharging its responsibilities under the Act.


James Grierson
Ros Levenson
(Chair of the Committee)
Danna Walker

Members of the Oversight Committee are appointed by the Board and shall consist of no fewer than three members, one of whom shall be an architect and two of whom shall be appointed members. One of the appointed members shall be Chair of the Oversight Committee.

The Oversight Committee was established on 1 January 2013 and meets approximately three times per year.

The Committee’s terms of reference are set out in the IOC Terms of Reference.

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