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ARB’s Prescription Committee has established a pool of independent advisers from whom it can seek advice on specialist areas of work. Advisers are independent and impartial.  No adviser is asked to advise where there is a conflict of interest or where such a conflict might arise, and they must observe confidentiality at all times.  Advisers can serve for a maximum term of five years, and continued appointment is on an annual basis.

Peter Beacock
Tony Clelford
Don Gray
Peter Walker

Peter Beacock is the independent adviser member of the Prescription Committee and a member of the ARB external candidates’ examination panel.  He was, until his recent retirement, a member of staff at the University of Northumbria, where he initially taught environmental design, then led the architecture group in the development and successful validation and prescription of new architecture programmes, ultimately becoming Head of Department of Architecture, Engineering and Construction.  He was a member and vice-chair of SCHOSA Council, and is an experienced external examiner and adviser on course development.

Peter is co-author of a book on the architecture of Newcastle and Gateshead, has been a joint editor and contributor to the RIBA North East series of urban design studies (the ‘scape’ publications), was an editor and contributor to the SCHOSA publication ‘Intercultural Interaction in Architectural Education’, and has published a number of research papers on built environment and architectural education.  He has given a number of public lectures on the architecture of Newcastle. Since he left the University, he continues to be involved in architectural education, as a studio tutor at Northumbria and as an external examiner, a member of course advisory panels, and consultant on course development.


Tony Clelford is an architect and writer with many decades of experience in academia and in architectural practice in both London and regional offices. He holds Masters degrees from the Bartlett and Middlesex University.

He has been a creativity consultant and tutor to institutions including the Design Council and was involved in the development of the MA in Architectural Management at Nottingham University. He has been a key member on several ARB and RIBA working groups and has served as Chair and then Secretary of the Association of Professional Studies Advisors in Architecture (APSAA).

Tony is currently head of Design Practice at the University of Greenwich where he runs the successful Postgraduate Diploma in Architectural Practice. Formerly an Examiner and Lead Examiner for ARB’s examination process, he is now an independent adviser to ARB’s Prescription Committee. He is also a specialist lecturer, advisor and External or Professional Examiner for several British universities.


Don Gray has an outstanding reputation as a practicing architect and academic.  He was author of the Millennium bid to freeze part of the River Thames to replicate the Frost Fairs of the 17th and 19th centuries.  He has worked with the architect Cedric Price, and built major projects with Renzo Piano, Richard Rogers and Nicholas Grimshaw among others.  In a distinguished teaching career, he has held senior appointments at the Bartlett and Architectural Association Schools in London and has written new learning programmes for De Montfort University and the University of the Arts London.

He is actively involved with the profession as a RIBA Validation Panel member, as an Examiner at ARB, where he is an Independent Adviser to the Prescription Committee, and he is Chair of SCHOSA (the Standing Conference of Heads of Schools of Architecture).  He also holds positions as External Examiner to Schools of Architecture in the UK and overseas.

Professor Gray established a new School of Architecture at the University of Kent in 2005, and is Professor and Head of Kent School of Architecture.


Professor Peter Walker is an architect and Professor of Construction Science and Management at the University of Salford. Before that he was Professor of Architecture and Head of the Belfast School of Architecture, a director of a large health care practice – Devereux Architects, and taught part time at Newcastle University.

Professor Walker served for four years on the ARB Education and Practice Advisory Group and has been an external examiner at Queens University Belfast, Newcastle University, Huddersfield University, University of Salford, Bath University and the University of Northumbria. Peter is on the Council of SCHOSA (the Standing Conference of Heads of Schools of Architecture). He has been a visiting critic at a number of universities, most recently at Notre Dame University, Beirut and is presently Part 3 Professional Examiner at Newcastle University. He was an adviser to the Egyptian Government Housing and Building Research Council in the development of the Green Pyramid Building Assessment Scheme and he has acted as an expert witness on more than 70 cases’

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