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There are three operational teams – Qualifications, Registration and Professional Standards – as well as a corporate function which manages, amongst other things, finances and budget, HR and communications.  A management team – the Operational Management Group – headed by the Registrar, oversees and manages the operational functions of ARB.

Our work, with its supporting functions, is derived from the 1997 Architects Act.  Our key statutory functions are:

  • Prescribing – or ‘recognising’ the qualifications needed to become an architect
  • Keeping the UK Register of Architects
  • Ensuring that architects meet our standards for conduct and practice
  • Investigating complaints about an architect’s conduct or competence
  • Making sure that only people on our register use the title ‘architect’

The activities we undertake to support these functions are:

Registrar and Chief Executive:* Karen Holmes
Communications Lead: Kate Howlett
Head of Finance and Resources:* Marc Stoner
Operations Manager: Kristen Hewett
Executive Assistant: Jodie James
Team Administrator: Philip Lam

  • Management of ARB’s IT system
  • Development and maintenance of the website
  • General office management
  • Maintaining building services
  • Health and safety
  • Running the business of the Audit and Remuneration Committees
  • Budget management and financial information
  • Annual budgets and cashflows
  • Monitoring investment portfolio
  • Banking administration
  • Managing the direct debit system
  • Production of ARB’s literature
  • Communications
  • Human resources
  • Support services: secretarial, front of house, administrative

Head of Qualifications:* Emma Matthews
Qualifications Manager: Luke Melia 
Qualifications Executive: Anouska Annan
Qualifications Executive: Sarah Holt
Qualifications Executive: Grant Dyble
Qualifications Executive: Vacancy

  • Developing and implementing policies relating to the Board’s prescription of architectural qualifications
  • European legislative process and European affairs
  • Liaison with government departments/RIBA/other external bodies in relation to educational issues/Architects Council of Europe
  • Managing the process for prescription of Qualifications
  • Liaison with UK schools and institutions of architecture
  • Presentations to architectural students
  • Managing the department’s budget
  • Dealing with correspondence

Head of Registration:* Rob Jones
Registration Executive: Rob Wilson
Registration Manager: Teresa Graham
Registration Team Leader: Katherine Onadeko  
Registration Administrator: Holly Lloyd
Registration Administrator: Katherine Inglis
Registration Administrator: Rachel May
Registration Administrator: Gene Abdi (FTC)

  • Production and maintenance of the Register
  • Maintaining and updating ARB’s database
  • Data Protection
  • Dealing with applications from newly-qualified architects
  • Issuing certificates of registration
  • Overseeing the prescribed examination
  • Implementing the Architects Act and European Directive
  • Retention and other fee collection
  • Managing the issue of registration certificates
  • Readmissions and reinstatements to the Register
  • Removals from the Register due to death, resignation and non-payment of the retention fee
  • Managing the process of competency standards where a person has been off the Register for more than two years
  • Managing the department’s budget
  • Dealing with correspondence

Head of Professional Standards: * Simon Howard
Investigations Manager: Helen Ransome
Investigations Officer: Ellie Bagnall
Investigations Officer: Selda Krasniqi
Investigations Officer: Holly Wignall
Hearings Officer: Harriet Swanston
Public Awareness Lead (FTC): Rosie Bower
Title regulation Officer: Matthew Harding

  • Managing complaints processes
  • Running the business of the Investigation Panels and Professional Conduct Committees
  • Monitoring the development of regulation in society generally
  • Liaison with stakeholders in the regulation process
  • Keeping the Code of Conduct under review
  • Monitoring and evaluating costs of investigation process and PCC hearings
  • Prosecuting cases of misuse of title in the courts
  • Monitoring progress of disciplinary cases sent to the Board’s solicitors for reports
  • Dealing with post PCC judgment correspondence and queries
  • Managing and maintaining the regulation database
  • Managing the department’s budget
  • Dealing with issues relating to Professional Indemnity Insurance


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