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The relevant European authorities have now approved some important revisions to the Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications Directive [2005/36/EC].  It is anticipated that the revisions will be published in the EU Official Journal in the coming weeks, and that European Member States will then have up to two years to transpose the revisions into their own national legislation, rules and regulations which will help to improve the mobility of appropriately qualified individuals across European borders.

ARB will be analysing the revisions over the coming months, focussing in particular on the impact that the changes will have in relation to the following areas:

* The revised minimum training requirements and their impact on the current UK model of architectural education, including the practical training experience requirements;
* The way in which ARB-prescribed qualifications in architecture will now need to be notified to the European Commission for listing under the Directive; and
* How the revisions will impact on some of ARB’s routes to registration.

ARB is looking forward to continuing and developing its on-going dialogue with stakeholders as it explores the opportunities that the revisions to the Directive bring.

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