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The final date for payment for the fee is 31 December annually.  

The annual retention fee for 2018 has been set at £107.00.

Section 8 of the 1997 Architects Act allows ARB to set a fee that architects pay annually.  Being registered allows you to continue to call yourself an architect, a title which sets you apart from your non-registered competitors.  Your ARB registration is effectively your licence to practise as an architect. If a registrant does not pay the fee by the deadline, they are removed from the Register and can no longer use the title ‘architect’ until such a time as they re-register.

We will send out the annual retention fee invoice by the beginning of November.  The easiest way to pay the fee is online - it's quick and convenient, and we don't charge you for using your credit/debit card to pay.  You can also pay by direct debit, cheque, banker's draft, postal order or by BACS (bank transfer).  If you pay by cheque, you will need to write your name and registration number on the reverse.

Paying by direct debit means that you don't need to remember to pay the fee - we will take the money from your account automatically.  We will always let you know in advance when we will be collecting the payment from your account and how much we will be taking.  If you would like to pay your fee by direct debit you can download a direct debit form by clicking the link below.  You will then need to complete the form and return it to us.  Alternatively, you can call us on +44 (0)20 7580 5861 to set up a direct debit arrangement over the phone.

You need to have the arrangement in place well in advance of the 31 December for it to take effect in time for the collection date at the beginning of December.  We will inform you of the deadline for arranging a direct debit when we send out the retention fee invoice.

However you decide to pay, the fee must be paid by the final payment date of 31 December annually to ensure your continued registration.  It is therefore important that we hold your correct contact details so that we can be sure we are sending the invoice to the correct address.  If your details have changed, you can update these very quickly and easily yourself by simply accessing the registrant services website.  Alternatively, you can get in touch with us by emailing with your updated details.

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