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Using the ARB logo on your website, business stationery and signage sends out a positive message to members of the public, your clients and potential clients that you are a fully qualified and registered professional.

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Displaying tangible evidence of your ARB-registered status gives consumers the confidence to know that they are working with a genuine professional, with high standards of expertise and skill, who will help them to bring their building project to life. Many architects have already taken advantage of this facility – why not join them? Use the links on the right to select the version you wish to use and start displaying your registered status today.

We don’t have any strict guidelines about how you use the logo, but we do ask you not to:

  • alter it in any way, although you can increase or decrease its size according to how you plan to use it
  • obscure it in any way, for example, by any wording or design
  • reproduce it at an angle.


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All downloadable logos are on transparent backgrounds

We also ask you to bear in mind the terms of Section 20 of the Architects Act 1997 about use of title, and in particular the requirement that where business relating to architecture is carried out, it must be under the management or supervision of an architect.

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