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ARB does not directly recognise any qualifications from outside the United Kingdom (ARB prescribed qualifications) other than those listed under the Professional Qualifications Directive 2005/36/EC when held by nationals of EU Member States or those with other enforceable EC rights.

All other applicants will need to pass the Board’s own Prescribed Examination at the relevant level if they wish to progress towards registering as an architect in the UK. Please note those holding EU qualifications at degree level, that is equivalent to Part 1, will be required to sit the examination at Part 1 level as the Directive does not provide for qualifications at degree level only.

Applicants for the Part 1 Examination must have successfully completed a three year course of study; applicants for Part 2 must already hold Part 1 and have completed two further years of postgraduate study in architecture.  You can find full details of eligibility requirements in the Board’s Prescribed Examination Procedures.  Some candidates may qualify for examination under extended transitional arrangements approved by the Board in February 2015.

Extended Transitional Arrangements for Prescribed Examination

In July 2012, the Board made a number of changes to the Examination Procedures, including amendments to the methodology for assessing eligibility to sit the Examination.

Although transitional arrangements were put in place, further feedback from stakeholders – including schools of architecture – has indicated that not all those affected by the amendments took up the opportunity to be examined before the amendments came into force. Having considered the feedback, the Board agreed at its meeting of 11 February 2015 to extend the transitional arrangements, covering candidates who demonstrate that they reasonably expected that they would be eligible on the grounds that:

 They commenced a course of study before October 2013 and graduates from the same cohort (or earlier cohorts from the same programme) (“relevant graduates”) had made an application for Prescribed Examination which was accepted by the Board.

The Registrar will consider each application on its own merits, but in order to make a decision, the Registrar will require a complete application including fees. Scrutiny fees previously paid by unsuccessful applicants will be credited towards the total fee due.

Applicants may be required to identify relevant graduates upon whose eligibility they rely. It may not be possible to apply these transitional arrangements if no relevant graduate is identified by the Applicant.

Applicants who successfully complete the UK Part 1 and Part 2 qualifications and/or gain equivalence through ARB’s Prescribed Examination, must then complete a Part 3 Examination in Professional Practice and Management at a UK school of architecture if they wish to register as an architect in the United Kingdom.  The schools that run courses leading to prescribed qualifications can be found in the Qualifications Section of the website.

ARB has prepared a series of videos together with a suite of booklets to guide you through your application and examination. The videos provide a general overview of the process, whilst the guidance booklets provide more detailed information. Please take time to read them carefully so you understand the process before downloading any forms or submitting your application.

The Examination process judges individual candidates against the Criteria, which are held in common with UK schools of architecture.  You can read the criteria here.

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