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ARB re-elects Board Chair and Vice Chair

ARB is pleased to announce that following the election for the Chair and Vice Chair of the Board, both Beatrice Fraenkel and Richard Parnaby have been returned unopposed to the posts of Board Chair and Vice Chair respectively.

It will be the sixth year Beatrice has been elected as the Chair and the third year for Richard as Vice Chair.

Speaking after the election, Beatrice said:

“I am very pleased to be supported by the Board, in continuing as Chair, for the next 12 months. This will help retain the continuity of Board leadership at a time, when the stability of the organisation is paramount, as we go through our Periodic Review.

The next 12 months are likely to be interesting and hard work for all of us.  I Iook forward to continuing working with my colleagues on the Board, together with the ARB staff team, as we all remain committed to the effective delivery of our statutory functions during this period of possible change.

I am also delighted that Richard Parnaby has been re-elected to serve again as Vice Chair. The advice and assistance he provides, as a member of the profession we regulate, is of great value to me personally, and the Board in general.  I really look forward to working with him for a further year.”

Vice Chair Richard Parnaby added: ‘I am very pleased to have been re-elected as Vice-Chair for a further year.  I look forward to continuing in my role, supporting Beatrice, the Chair of the Board, over the coming year, as ARB delivers its regulatory function whilst, at the same time, fully engaging with the periodic review process’.

Beatrice Fraenkel was nominated by Hans Eisner and Richard Parnaby, while Ruth Brennan and Hans Eisner nominated Richard Parnaby.

Both appointments are effective immediately and both are for a one-year term.

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