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If the Investigations Panel needs more information, it can ask one of the Board’s Inquirers to help with the investigation.

ARB Inquirers are independent architects appointed to give the Investigations Panel advice regarding allegations of unacceptable professional conduct and/or serious professional incompetence. The Inquirer will carry out a detailed investigation, which may involve visiting sites or interviewing the parties to a complaint, before reporting back to the Panel.

The role of an Inquirer is set out in the Inquirers’ Terms of Reference.

General Terms of Reference Members of the Inquiry Panel

  • Inquirers will be appointed by the Board for an initial term of three years, which may be renewed at the Board’s discretion.
  • It is the role of an Inquirer to provide the Investigations Committee with advice in respect of an allegation of unacceptable professional conduct and/or serious professional incompetence.
  • Instructions will be provided by the Investigations Committee on a case-by-case basis, and may involve visiting a project and interviewing parties to a complaint.
  • Inquirers will be required to provide advice to the Investigations Committee in writing and, where possible, within the timescales and cost-limits set down by the Board.
  • If the complaint is referred to the Professional Conduct Committee (PCC) the Inquirer may be required to attend the hearing to give evidence. In such circumstance the Inquirer’s duty is to assist the PCC, not to advance the Board’s case.
  • Inquirers will be provided with an appraisal of each of their investigations by the Investigations Committee.
  • The Inquiry Panel will meet periodically for training purposes, and all members are expected to attend those meetings.
  • Inquirers are individually responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the documents and information provided to them.
  • All material generated by Inquirers is subject to Data Protection and Freedom of Information legislation.

The current membership of the Inquiry Panel is:

Peter Bowker
Donald Canavan
David Duckham
John Hickey
Adrian Horsley
Robert Johnston
Robert Morrissey
Carol Norton
Julian Owen
Kenneth Williamson

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