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Consultation on ARB’s draft Single Equality Scheme

You are invited to comment on ARB’s draft Single Equality Scheme.

Why is the scheme important?

We have developed the scheme following the introduction of the government’s Equality Bill.  We decided at the outset that rather than developing separate schemes to cover the different strands of equality, our scheme would bring each of the equality strands –  race, disability, gender, age, religion or belief, and sexual orientation – under one umbrella.

Why your views are important?

There are elements to the scheme that cover our internal processes and procedures.  However, for the most part, the scheme is outward-looking.  It focuses on the users of our services, underlining our commitment to treating everybody with fairness and respect.  By seeking your input, we can be confident that our processes and procedures meet the requirements of the legislation, and also the needs of everybody we come into contact with.

What do we need from you?

Your views on the whole scheme are important, but there are ten questions where we would particularly value your input.  Please use the link at the foot of this page to access the questions, and indeed, all of the consultation documents.  For your views/comments to be taken into account, you need to submit your response by no later than 5pm on Friday 26 March 2010.

What we do with the consultation responses

Once the consultation period has closed, the information submitted by respondents will be collated and presented to the Board at the earliest opportunity.  We will use the responses to inform any changes to our scheme that might be needed.  All the information contained within the responses (including personal information provided by you as part of your response but not information you provide on the equality monitoring form – see below) will be published and made available on our website.

If you object to any of the information (including your personal details) which you are giving in response to the consultation being published, please say so.  It would be helpful for any such objections to be supported with an explanation of why you feel the information is confidential to help us decide whether there are grounds for not publishing such information.

If you have any questions about this consultation, please get in touch with us by calling 0800 389 6221 or by emailing

Equality monitoring form

Also included in the consultation documents is an equality monitoring form.  You don’t have to complete this form, but your answers will help us to be more accountable and transparent.  This information is confidential and does not form part of your consultation response.  Please be assured that the information you give on this form will not be made public – it is purely for our information only.

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