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Consultation on the Architects Registration Board’s Electoral Scheme

You are invited to comment on the Architects Registration Board’s (ARB) proposals for amending its Electoral Scheme. The Electoral Scheme governs the process of electing architect members to the Board. The proposed amendments are listed in the consultation response form.

Schedule 1, Part I of the Architects Act 1997, provides that “elected members shall be elected in accordance with an electoral scheme made by the Board, with the approval of the Privy Council, after consultation with such bodies as appear to the Board to be representative of architects.”

The proposed revisions to the scheme were approved for consultation by the Board at its meeting on 22 May 2008. They have come about as a result of the changes created by the European Directive on the mutual recognition of qualifications (the Qualifications Directive) and because we are including an internet voting facility for the first time.

The invitation to comment extends to every part of the proposals, and comments are welcome on any aspect. Please submit your comments as soon as possible, and in any event, not later than 4 July 2008.

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