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Consultation on General Rules 5a, 13b and 20, and ARB’s electoral scheme


The Architects Registration Board was established by Parliament in 1997 to regulate the architects’ profession in the UK.  We are an independent public interest body, and our work in regulating architects ensures that good standards within the profession are consistently maintained for the benefit of the public and architects alike.

Background to consultation

The Architects Registration Board has agreed to consult on four separate issues following its meeting on 16 September 2010.  To simplify the consultation process, they are being issued collectively, rather than individually.  The consultation will comply with ARB’s code of practice for consultation exercises.

Consultation 2010/03:  Changes to General Rule 13b

General Rule 13(b) sets out the Board’s requirements for registration regarding practical training experience. The current Rule requires amendment to reflect current practice and increasing globalisation of the profession. The proposal is intended to rectify some of the difficulties in applying the current Rule and shift the emphasis from where and when a student undertakes their practical experience to the quality of that experience and meeting the Part 3 Criteria.

Consultation 2010/04:  Changes to General Rule 20

General Rule 20 defines recent practical experience for the purpose of re-entry to the Register under section 9 of the Architects Act 1997. Amendment to the current Rule is necessary to reflect recent changes to the Code of Conduct and Practice and the Board’s current position regarding the maintenance of competence. The revised Rule is easier to understand, will facilitate re-admission and align the Rule with recent Board decisions and policy development.

Consultation 2010/05:  Changes to General Rule 5a

General Rule 5 covers the process for electing architect members to the Board.  Because the electoral scheme which governs the elections is being updated and some of its provisions amended, General Rule 5a requires amendment to reflect the changes in the revised electoral scheme.

General Rule 5a refers to the number of supporters that a candidate standing for election needs to support their nomination.  Currently, a candidate has to have the support of 12 other architects to validate their nomination.  The revised electoral scheme proposes that the number of supporters is reduced to 10.  This change is reflected in the revised General Rule 5a.

Consultation 2010/06:  Changes to ARB’s Electoral Scheme

Schedule 1, Part I of the Architects Act provides for the Board to make an electoral scheme to govern the process of electing architect members to the Board.  The scheme requires Privy Council approval.

The scheme has been rewritten in line with the principles of Plain English.  This is in keeping with our Single Equality Scheme, produced under the equality legislation, in which we state our commitment to take a barrier-free approach to all our work, by removing (amongst other things) potential communication and information barriers.

As well as simplifying the language of the electoral scheme, a number of new elements have been introduced, including guidance on canvassing by candidates.  This element was missing from previous schemes, leaving candidates without a structure under which to plan and conduct any canvassing they might wish to undertake.  The revised scheme also introduces some guidelines for any election material the candidates may produce.

Purpose of consultation

Before formalising these proposals, it is important that we have as wide a range of views as possible.  Your input will assist the Board in its final consideration of these four matters before they are implemented. We would therefore appreciate any views or comments you might have on the proposed changes.

Consultation documents

Please use the links below to access the consultation papers.  You can download a copy in Word or pdf format.

Contact details

Responses to the consultations can be sent to us by email, fax or post, and should be addressed to:

Elaine Stowell
Qualifications Executive
8 Weymouth Street
London W1W 5BU

t. 020 7580 5861
f. 020 7436 5269

Please let us have these by no later than 5.00pm on Monday 20 December 2010.  Any that are received once this deadline has passed will not be included in the consultation response.

Please direct any queries to:

Elaine Stowell – or Emma Matthews – – if your query relates to the consultations on General Rules 13b and 20

Sue Young – – if your query relates to General Rule 5a or the electoral scheme.

Alternatively, you can telephone the office on 020 7580 5861.

We will publish the results of the consultations along with any responses that we might make on our website once the Board has given its final approval to the changes.

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