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We are concerned that the RIBA Membership News release issued on 16 January may have caused confusion about ARB’s standpoint on waiving the £65 reinstatement fee.

The ARB’s policy is that we will only consider waiving elements of the fee charged to become reinstated after removal from the Register for non-payment in extenuating circumstances, whereby an individual did not pay their fee because of an exceptional reason such as flooding or hospitalisation.  Each claim of this nature is considered on a case by case basis and evidence of such circumstances are required.

The payment deadline and the reinstatement process are based on the principles of fairness to architects and clarity for consumers.  The Act requires that the ARB maintains the Register of Architects.  The online Register is searched, on average, around 500 times on a daily basis.  Consequently, ensuring the Register is up-to-date is important for ensuring consumer confidence in this resource.

The Board are committed to ensuring the reinstatement charge is accurate and proportionate.

They are also committed to ensuring the additional work created by the removal and reinstatement process doesn’t place a burden on those that do pay on time, through an increase in the retention fee on an on-going basis, which would of course not be fair to the majority.

If you have already discussed your individual circumstances with us, the RIBA information does not change the position and the outcome of your communication with us remains the same.

If you wish to apply for reinstatement please click here

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