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Dear Reader,

I am concerned that ARB are being criticised for expecting architects to pay their registration fee on time.

Architects value their professional status and their ability to be called an architect and remaining on the Register is the only way to make this possible.

In these difficult days, the vast majority of architects (94% of the profession) see this as a priority.

Every architect knows this is an annual payment, so it can be planned for. The notices were sent out on 14 October with five email reminders and plenty of information on our website and ebulletins. It was clear that payment must be made by December 31st. Three months to find and make payment does not seem unreasonable.

In addition, RIBA members , including Angela Brady and Stephen Hodder have used their twitter accounts to remind their followers to pay.

It is worth reminding your readers that the sum involved is £2.10 a week – which is tax deductible. Not surprisingly then it is only a tiny percentage, 6%, who have failed to pay their bills on time.  A proportion of those who haven’t paid will have refrained from paying because they do not wish to renew their registration.

I hope this helps put things in perspective and assure readers who are not architects that the vast proportion of the profession is able to pay its bills on time, as they would expect from their clients.
Yours sincerely

Beatrice Fraenkel

Chair, ARB

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