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Caroline Corby

Caroline Corby worked in the city for 13 years specialising in private equity where she also served on a number of private sector boards across a range of industries. In 2007 she joined the Board of London Probation Trust (LPT) and she served as Chair of LPT from 2012 until July 2014. As well as being a member of the Architects Registration Board, Caroline is also a Non-Executive Director of the Children and Family Court Advisory Support Service (known as Cafcass), the Criminal Cases Review Commissions and One Housing. She is also a member of the Parole Board management committee. She chairs interim order panels for the Nursing and Midwifery Council and chairs the General Optical Council’s Investigation Committee.


 Membership of Formal Groups

Business, Professional or Social Relationships
I am a non-executive director of CAFCASS, the Criminal Cases Review Commission and the Parole Board.  I am also panel chair for the Nursing and Midwifery Council and I chair the General Optical Council’s Investigations Committee

Together with my husband, I own three flats in London which are rented out in addition to our family home.

Companies or Associations which you or members of your family are officers or employees or in which you or they have beneficial interests
I am a non-executive director of JML Limited, a private limited company.  I am also a shareholder.  The company was started by my father and collectively my family own around 70% of the shares.
Involvement in Partnerships, Joint Ventures or Consortia

Professional Relationships with individuals, organisations or businesses that might have relationships with ARB



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