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Diana Leitch

Diana Leitch studied architecture at Newcastle University, practiced in Edinburgh and then returned to the Newcastle School, initially to design and run the first year. She continued practicing, whilst teaching and writing about architectural education and was appointed Head of School in 1997. Serving on the Boards of Northern Architecture and the North East Civic Trust; as a member of SCHOSA; as vice chair of the ARB/RIBA validation panel; as a regular contributor to European architectural education debate through the EAAE; and as an external examiner both in the UK and overseas, offered a wide perspective on architectural education. In 2002 Diana gave up full time employment to become a carer, but has continued to contribute to education and practice as a regular part–time teacher, critic, external examiner (currently at the Macintosh and the new school of architecture in Coventry), member of the RIBA validation panel and as an ARB examiner. Diana is also a trustee of the Education Fund of the RIBA.

Annual Register of Interests 2017


Membership of Formal Groups:
Business, Professional or Social Relationships:

Companies or Associations which you or members of your family are officers or employees or in which you or they have beneficial interests:
Husband, Anthony John Wharton, Planning Inspector, Planning Inspectorate

Involvement in Partnerships, Joint Ventures or Consortia:

Professional Relationships with individuals, organisations or businesses that might have
relationships with ARB:
RIBA, RIBA Validation Panel, RIBA Education Fund Assessor, Newcastle University (employee)

Coventry University & Glasgow School of Art (External Examiner)

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