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Julia Dale

Julia studied architecture at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne and UWIST. She first worked in a small practice in Derby and later in a large practice in London. After the oil crisis she moved to a construction company in the north of Scotland. Later she designed and supervised the construction of several schools for the Regional Council in south-west Scotland before moving to the schools section of Sheffield City Council. In the 1980s she became Project Architect for Government of Bermuda which also involved working in Canada.

Returning to the UK she gained a Masters Degree in Architectural Management at the University of Nottingham specialising in project management and value engineering. After additional training in the USA as a Value Engineering consultant she gave conference presentations in Europe and the United States, produced extensive refereed publications and carried out independent seminars and studies to government agencies and private companies around the UK.

As the Part 2 Course Leader at Huddersfield University she developed the International Diploma in Architecture and also completed her doctorate on adaptive reuse of schools in Cuba at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. From 2005 to 2016 she was the Professional Studies Advisor at the Canterbury School of Architecture. Currently she is a freelance researcher and consultant in Northern Ireland.

Annual Register of Interests 2017

Membership of Formal Groups:
Membership of the Institute of Value Management (UK)
Member of the Society of American Value Engineers

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Freelance Architectural Researcher & Consultant.

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No business relationships (now retired)


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