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Karol Sanderson (lay member)

Karol worked in the field of Insolvency for 30 years, specialising in investigation of the conduct of company directors, and latterly was Director of Enforcement in the Insolvency Service. Since leaving the Insolvency Service, Karol has held a variety of roles on professional regulatory panels and is currently Vice Chair of the Institute of Chartered Accountant’s Investigation Committee and a member of the Tribunal for Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. She is also a member of the Appeal Panel for Judicial Conduct, which considers appeals against dismissal from both Judges and Magistrates.

Karol is also a member of the Parole Board, where she makes decisions about the release of prisoners who are on high tariff or life sentences. She is a member of Committees working with her local Police Forces and is Trustee of the debt advice charity, Debt Advice Foundation.

Register of Interests – 2017

Membership of Formal Groups

Business, Professional or Social Relationships

Companies or Associations which you or members of your family are officers or employees or in which you or they have beneficial interests

Involvement in Partnerships, Joint Ventures or Consortia

Professional Relationships with individuals, organisations or businesses that might have relationships with ARB :
I have the following professional business relationships. I do not consider that any of these organisations have any relationship with ARB, but I include them here for completeness:

Parole Board – Panel Member
ICAEW – Vice Chair : Investigation Committee
CIARB – Member : Tribunal Panel
Lancashire Police – Vice Chair : Audit & Ethics Committee
Greater Manchester Police – Member of Audit Committee
MOJ/Judicial Conduct Investigation Office – Member of Disciplinary Appeal Panel
Debt Advice Foundation (Debt Advice Charity) – Vice Chair & Trustee

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