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Pamela Cole

Independent Examiner

Pamela joined the Portsmouth School of Architecture in 2005, after running a regional practice for 25 years, and became Head of School in 2012.  Her teaching specialism lies within professional practice, and she has contributed nationally to the debate on the role of Professional Experience in Education.  Pamela teaches in design studios at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, focusing on methodology in design.  As course leader for the ARB/RIBA Part 3 course for 6 years, Pamela developed scenario based and peer group learning, and currently contributes to lectures to both M Arch and Part 3 courses.  Practice expertise relates to social housing and listed buildings, with the completion of several sensitive conversion projects.  Pamela has run national workshops for the RIBA in professional practice, and examines on several Part 3 courses, in the UK and internationally.

Annual Register of Interests 2018

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University of Portsmouth

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