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Peter Beacock

Peter Beacock is a member of the ARB external candidates’ examination panel and the independent advisor member of the Prescription Committee. He was, until recently, a member of staff at the University of Northumbria, where he initially taught environmental design, then led the architecture group in the development and successful validation and prescription of new architecture programmes, ultimately becoming Head of Department of Architecture Engineering and Construction.

He was a member and vice-chair of SCHOSA Council, and is an experienced external examiner and adviser on course development.  He is co-author of a book on the architecture of Newcastle and Gateshead, has been a joint editor and contributor to the RIBA North East series of urban design studies (the ‘scape’ publications), was an editor and contributor to the SCHOSA publication ‘Intercultural Interaction in Architectural Education’, and has published a number of research papers on built environment and architectural education. He continues to be involved in architectural education, and maintains his links with practice and interests in environmental design, architectural history and contextualism.


Annual Register of Interests 2017


Membership of Formal Groups:
Member of ARB Prescription Committee.

Business, Professional or Social Relationships:
Member of RIBA.

Companies or Associations which you or members of your family are officer of employees or in which you or they have beneficial interests:
Spouse Fiona Brettwood partner HLP Design (Architects)

Involvements in Partnerships, Joint Ventures or Consortia:

Professional Relationships with individuals, organisations or businesses that might have relationships with ARB:
RIBA Member, Past External Examiner Hull School of Architecture, Part-time staff member Northumbria University


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