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Yorgos Berdos

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Yorgos is a Teaching Fellow at The University of Edinburgh and a freelance architect practicing in the UK and Greece. Sharing his time between London and Edinburgh, he combines practicing with teaching while presenting parts of his on-going research in exhibitions, conferences and invited talks. In 2014 his undergraduate thesis project was selected to represent Greece in Archiprix 2015, an international biennial event showcasing the best graduation projects in the world. He has taught and lectured in numerous leading institutions around the world and practiced in small and international firms, including Zaha Hadid Architects. He holds a Diploma in Architecture from University of Thessaly and a MSc from the Architectural Association, focussed in Emergent Technologies and Design. Moreover Yorgos is a PhD candidate at The University of Edinburgh. His current research focuses on “active fabrication”, the sharing economy and on the understanding of the physical traces that the processes of rapid urbanisation and immaterial technological advancement are leaving on various “operational” landscapes around the world. Yorgos’ work often tries to explore ways in which architectural design and thinking is not limited to its prescribed roles.

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Technical Chamber of Greece, TCG-TEE

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Teaching Fellow at the University of Edinburgh; Associate Lecturer at University of Suffolk.

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Teaching Fellow at the University of Edinburgh; Associate Lecturer at University of Suffolk.



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