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The ARB’s Board have decided to adjust the timetable for recruiting a Registrar and Chief Executive to correspond with the government’s periodic review timeframe.

At the February 2014 ARB Board meeting, the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) were able to provide more information about the schedule for the upcoming independent review of the regulation of architects in the UK.  DCLG have advised that they expect to report initial findings in the autumn of 2014.  In view of this, the Board felt that it was appropriate to await the findings of the review before progressing with the recruitment process.

Karen Holmes has confirmed her commitment to fulfilling the key role of Interim Registrar and Chief Executive throughout the periodic review process.  Karen Holmes joined the ARB in 1999 as Head of Registration and has been Deputy Registrar since 2006.  She previously undertook the role of Acting Registrar for a six month period in 2006.

Karen Holmes said:

“I fully support the Board’s decision in relation to the timing of the recruitment process.  My team and I are committed to ensuring the organisation continues to deliver its regulatory function effectively whilst contributing positively to the government’s periodic review.”

ARB Chairman Beatrice Fraenkel said:

“The Board feel that it is right to await the outcome of the periodic review prior to progressing with the recruitment of a Registrar and Chief Executive of the ARB.  We are delighted that Karen Holmes is continuing in the role of Interim Registrar and Chief Executive which will provide the organisation with strong leadership and continuity during the review period.”

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