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Maintaining registration

As an architect, there are a number of things you need to do to maintain your registration. For example, you need to pay an annual retention fee and make sure that you keep up to date with developments and practice in architecture.

It is also important that our records are up to date and accurate. We need to hold your correct name and business address on our database because these are the contact details that appear in the Register (you can also show your email and website addresses if you wish, although this isn’t compulsory).

If this is your first time logging into your MyARB portal, read our first-time login guide here.

Partial or concealed addresses

Whilst the Architects Act 1997 requires you to provide a business address for the public Register, you can request that this information is partially concealed. If you make this request, only your name, town/city and partial postcode will be displayed on the Register. E.g. John Smith, London W1W, or Janet Jones, Edinburgh EH1. All other information such as practice name or employer, street location or email/telephone details will not be displayed, although we need them for contacting you for regulatory purposes.

This is to recognise that some architects may have reasons for not wanting their exact location to be known. This partial concealment approach allows us to balance this need, with the public requirement to correctly identify architects on the Register.

It does mean, however, that those who select that will not be able to be located using the “find an architect” search feature, and may miss out on potential clients who are looking for architects in their area.

If you wish to partially conceal your details, please contact us at the email address below, including your registration number, name, your current address and the date that you wish the concealed address to be effective.

Please let us know if you have any problems with this facility by emailing us at info@arb.org.uk.